About Qwertycards
We created the Qwertycard to have a simple way of staying safe online.

Since launching on the 1st of January 2015 we have sold cards to individuals, companies and organisations in over 55 countries around the world.

Qwertycards is a trademark of Tream Tech Ltd. UK registered company number 09088358.
Tream Tech Ltd. is registered under the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

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Press coverage
"Qwertycards generate secure passwords from a secret cheat sheet in your wallet"

"Qwertycards Is A Wallet-Sized Card That Generates Secure Passwords"

"Affordable QwertyCards Help Create Unique Passwords"

"This wallet-sized cypher card lets you generate endless secure passwords that you can actually remember"

"You can even find actual wallet cards, like Qwertycards, which print unique variants for each customer"

"Qwertycards help you generate secure and easy to remember passwords"

PC Pro Magazine, issue 251 - Real World Computing by Davey Winder
"Security that isn’t implemented, or isn’t implemented properly, is as much use as a chocolate padlock. However, the solution needn’t be complex or expensive. The credit-card-sized Qwertycard may be all you need.”

"LastPass, Dashlane and Qwertycards are some of the top password managers in a crowded field"

"A lo-tech solution to managing hi-tech passwords"

"Simple way of staying safe online"

"Qwertycards, una “tarjeta de coordenadas” para generar y recordar contraseñas seguras"

"The password card 把密码“封印”在卡里靠谱吗"

"2000 years of strong passwords"

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